29 Facts about Desserts


Today I came across another useful and amusing YouTube channel called Mental Floss. In this episode John Green is telling us 29 fun facts about desserts (never mentioning that it’s the word ‘stressed’ spelled backwards!) — a great video to show when teaching food. You could ask students to write down all the desserts names they hear and at least five facts each, making a competition who catches the most.

Teaching Fashion


A great discovery! This webpage is a paradise for teachers: a radio station that has the reports in audioscripts, as well. There are various topics, from arts to health and technology, and it’s so easy to draw some lesson material out of the audio and the corresponding text.

Tomorrow I’m teaching fashion with this article on Elsa Schiaparelli (reading and rendering the text, divide in parts, jumble them, make the students put the article together) and a listening made out of this one about clothing in general.

2012_Pantone_Fashion_Color_Report_Spring_03 (1)

By the way, here an amusing article from the Guardian teaching teachers what to wear 🙂 This is a laugh. (Especially because I do have all that stuff in my wardrobe, and it doesn’t make me feel fashionable, just schoolish and boring.)