29 Facts about Desserts


Today I came across another useful and amusing YouTube channel called Mental Floss. In this episode John Green is telling us 29 fun facts about desserts (never mentioning that it’s the word ‘stressed’ spelled backwards!) — a great video to show when teaching food. You could ask students to write down all the desserts names they hear and at least five facts each, making a competition who catches the most.

john green and the art of being smart

Here’s John Green explaining the mysteries of Great Gatsby in about 20 minutes, recommended both the Green’s and Fitzgerald’s fans (and, of course, students who don’t give a damn but have to write a paper) Also, it’s got subtitles, you lazy whiners!))

The Crash Course Literature also provides a cool analysis of Romeo and Juliet, Catcher in the Rye and some other classics.

John Green is cute and smart, too, just like his characters )