Today in Fiction

Nathan Englander reads John Cheever

The new school year started only 3 days ago but I already feel tired and a little lost. The new students from the tech university are a bit hard to adjust to, and I don’t feel like putting much effort because I sense they’re not going to appreciate it. Let’s wait until the philologists next week and see where it’s going.

Meanwhile I’m just going to say that I’m so enjoying Jonathan Coe’s Expo 58, it’s so sparkingly British! Great relief after The Prague Cemetery, uff.

Books about Town

Okay, I’m supertired from the psychological questionnaires for my research, I’m just gonna watch some cute pictures for a while.

For example, this supercool project for all tourists and book-lovers and, again, Londoners (oh lucky bastards): you take a route and not merely wander around but look for the bench painted with a scene from your favorite book set in London. Isn’t it great? Marvellous fun for those who want to go if not off the beaten track then at least off the beaten purpose.


(It just occured to me that it could be an entertaining classroom activity: showing an image and making students guess the title of the book it represents.)

Julian Barnes and cross-reference in teaching literature

Julian Barnes reads Homage To Switzerland by Ernest Hemingway

Julian Barnes writes Homage to Hemingway

Julian Barnes is cool.