more on accents

(what an unpleasant girl! but a nice channel, and the imitations are pretty amusing) it’s about the accents all around the UK

(I HATED this video, the boy is just SO annoying, and UFF, how to put it mildly, nearly illetarate, as well, but the demonstration could be useful for pre-int students, for example).

I had to finish this something good. The Multilingual Gibberish Girl on Ellen show and her original video. Check out the channel, the girl is a great laugh.

Books about Town

Okay, I’m supertired from the psychological questionnaires for my research, I’m just gonna watch some cute pictures for a while.

For example, this supercool project for all tourists and book-lovers and, again, Londoners (oh lucky bastards): you take a route and not merely wander around but look for the bench painted with a scene from your favorite book set in London. Isn’t it great? Marvellous fun for those who want to go if not off the beaten track then at least off the beaten purpose.


(It just occured to me that it could be an entertaining classroom activity: showing an image and making students guess the title of the book it represents.)